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3227 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX, 75204


T h e   A r t   o f   B l o n d e.

Blondes & Blowouts is a Blonde and Blowout Bar that specializes in current blonde highlighting techniques & quality blowouts.



We are passionate about creating beautiful, natural and healthy blonde hair color. We focus on current highlighting & balayage application techniques, offer the best blonde haircare advice and inform about the best blonde products and treatments.Apart from our large selection of unique blonde & blowout services, we offer dry cuts, extensions, keratin smoothing treatments, bridal packages and blonde memberships

Carmen Valencia

C A R M E N  V A L E N C I A 


Jessica Tineo has a dedicated and growing passion for the hair and beauty industry. 

After moving to Dallas in 2012, she built a connection with the culture of the city, and pursued her dream of becoming a Professional Hair Colorist and Stylist with a passion for blonde hair and talented styling skills.

Soon after completing education at Paul Mitchell School for Cosmetology with multiple honors beside the design team and student council, Jessica completed a 6-month apprenticeship at Blondes & Blowouts beside Owner Kristin Brown, and excelled at perfecting the same blonde placements, formulas and techniques. 

Jessica strives on building a strong and genuine connection with her clients, and continuously builds trust by providing a thorough consultation, and open communication during the entire appointment.